The New Public Squares

New Public Squares fosters public conversation on a shared notion of public good and the system changes required to realise this good. The project aims to influence public discourse and policy at the national level.

“Creating the public good… means making decisions that prioritise the needs of people and planet rather than the wants of money and markets. it means ensuring that the things we decide are important are available and accessible where they are needed, regardless of whether or not they turn a profit”.

Australia REMADE

notJack is thrilled to collaborate with the Melbourne-based St Michael’s Uniting Church congregation, as a local community and ‘voice’ on the public good.

The congregation will converse on the following questions:

  • Where does joy exist in your community?
  • What does public good mean to you?
  • What should be provided for your community, and who should provide it?

The project is overseen by change-making organisation Australia REMADE. Australia reMADE is an alliance of leaders, organisations and community members working together to create a country where the needs of communities and nature come first.

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