Fund Hound

The academic research management landscape is varied and often times complex to navigate for the simplest purpose – funding to pursue a worthy project.

notJack is home to extensive grant writer and grant research assistance expertise in the humanities, education and social sciences fields.  Specialising in the most popular Australia Research Council grant schemes – DECRA, Discovery Projects and Linkage Projects – notJack is ably placed to articulate the story of your scholarship, in a plain-speaking manner accessible to a non-expert reader. Alternatively, notJack can write within a ‘voice’ unique to a researcher or research team, drawing on the discourse anticipated by the expert assessor. 

Common assistance requests are:

  • Drafting grant sections;
  • Conducting publication and research ‘impact’ analyses for contributing researchers;
  • Grant application budget development and justification;
  • Eligibility and compliance checks against scheme guidelines.


Check out another of notJack’s projects while you’re here. Select from Storytelling, Writing from Place, Boyce&Tart or the Wayward Ecology’s Wingtags Project.

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