notJack 2016 Youth Gallery

Indigo Erez is a Year 11 student at McKinnon Secondary College and is a budding writer, having penned 2 novels which she hopes will be published. She seeks her inspiration from her own experiences, from the world around her and her grandfather who is a Holocaust survivor and a published author. Indigo is author of As Sparks Fly.

Devinda Yalegama, author of Sean the Stuff Up: I am 12, I have many hobbies, mainly reading, a lot of reading. I go to Keilor Downs College, I look forward to going to school and being with my classmates. I decided to enter the Writers’ Prize, because I like writing.

I’m Alix Ford, a Year 7 Student at Maryborough Education Centre (MEC). I love many things, including music, writing, playing tennis and netball. I write because it’s a way to show people how I look at things and how my imagination works. My stories reflect me as a person.

My name is Nicole Waring. I am twelve years old and currently living in Melbourne.I have always loved writing and reading stories and I hope to one day have my own published books out in the world for people to read and enjoy.

Gwynneth Thomas is a Year 11 student at Firbank Grammar School, Melbourne. Her short story, ‘Haunting’, narrates the experiences of a fictionalised school teacher at the old Kernot Schoolhouse in South Gippsland. She is thrilled to have been shortlisted for the notJack Youth Writers’ Prize.

Gwynneth Thomas