2016 Long-List

From the sizeable collection of poems, plays, dialogues, short stories, vignettes, fictocriticism, narrative discursive and reflective essays, notJack is pleased to announce the long-list for the 2016 Open and Baringhup categories, and congratulates the following entrants:

Rachel Cameron              Endless Summer

Virginia O’Keeffe             A Summer Tale

Jared Chinnery                 Stalag 324

John McGlade                   Daffodils

Taylor-Jayne Wilkshire    My Hands, For Expectations

Richard James Allen       Central Dreaming

Stephen Williams            Double in Ourselves

Karen Lethlean                 Assistance Dog

Julie Twohig                      The Bright Star

Cecilia Morris                   Don’t Go Home, Lighthouse

Judith Bridge                    Queen of the Park

Lisa Lang                           Running out of Light

Wayne Marshall               The Magpie Game

Myfanwy Appleton          Alice

Andrea Baldwin                Intertidal

Christine Kuchowsky      When You Open Your Eyes

Dougal Patey                     Fate

Catherine Wright            They, Design, The Prawn, The                                                            Amazign, Streets of Fes, Getting                                                         It, Some Others

Note that the Baringhup category was read as part of the Open category due to low entry numbers, and all Baringhup long-listed entrants are accordingly eligible for the cash prize.