The notJack Writers’ Prize supports Australian writers in their creative engagement with place. Bush, country, coast, the countryside, land, property, suburbia – all these and more figure prominently in Australian writing, in shaping the significance of place for individual writers and in turn, forming iconic literary landscapes that sustain the cultural and national identities of readers. 

The prize welcomes submissions from all genres – including prose, essay, flash fiction, short story, poetry, biography, memoir, plays, screenplay – in which place, and writing from place, figure prominently. The theme is not limited to actual places, or actual places in Australia, or limited to the specific examples provided here. ‘Place’ may be actual, figurative, metaphorical, historical, biographical… It may foreground, or intersect with, interests in lived experience, emotions, embodiment, history, politics, faith and so forth.

notJack values original and traditional interpretations alike and invites writers to repurpose, transform and imaginatively respond to the theme of place.

Open & Baringhup Categories open September 1st 2016 – November 15th 2016

Happy new year! notJack is thrilled and flattered to have received considerable interest in the 2016 round for the Open and Baringhup Categories. The long-listed entrants is announced. Judging is underway and a result expected no sooner than January 31st.

Please note that notJack is a one bird band this time of year. Replies to enquiries will take longer than usual.

Oh no! The 2017 Youth Category will not run this year. Apologies folks. notJack wants the best for the category and is taking the time to ensure this is realised. If you intended to enter Youth, and would value an update, then email notJack with your interest and you will receive notice of developments.