Click the following to download the entry form: notJack Writers’ Prize Entry Form


m: 0413 336 003

International entrants note that the following information may assist with international EFT transfers.

Currency: AUD

Beneficiary Bank: Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Ltd

Swift Code: BENDAU3B     IBAN: 150050656 BIC

20 replies on “Entry Form & Contact

    1. Shucks Su-Rose!

      The Open and Baringhup categories are likely to reopen in July. However, if you enter before then, your entry will be recorded etc just the same. Should any logistical differences be made for 2016 and you have already entered, notJack will contact early entrants and ensure differences are accommodated without disadvantage to the entrant.

      At this stage, the entry fee, form and guidelines are unchanged from 2015. notJack very much hopes to see you and other past entrants in the 2016 round.

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    1. Thanks for the query, Nicole.

      The theme of place remains the same this year. notJack is seeking entries in which place, and writing from place, figure prominently. Submissions from all genres are welcome. However, there are changes to the prizes this year. There is now a combination of mentoring opportunities, money and a visual arts collaboration prize pool available. Prizes are awarded according to category.


      1. Hi there,

        Can you please clarify what the theme writing from place means? Does that mean a location is featured prominently? I’m a bit unclear of what writing from place means.

        Thanks for your help


      2. Hi Liv,

        ‘Place’ may be literal, figurative, metaphorical…the prize is open to the various interpretations and invocations that writers provide. Some entries have utilised ‘place’ as a verb even! So, the theme does not require that a location must be featured prominently, but certainly the prize has received entries of that nature in the past. What the judges look for is how the writer gives voice to the significance of place for them, or for their readership, irrespective of its particular interpretation. Do ask again if you would like further clarification.

        notJack hopes to see your entry cross its desk!


  1. Hi. I’m looking for the entry fee but can’t find it (it’s probably staring at me!?). There was mention that it the same as last year but I can’t find details about that either. Thank you.


    1. Entry fees are listed on the form itself, which is accessed by clicking on the link on the ‘Entry Form & Contact’ page. It is $20 for Open and Baringhup categories, and $10 for Youth. Thanks for the question. Sounds like I should consider making that information more prominent!



    1. Ah! Our magic sauce…

      Judges to be announced however there is always a broad church in the notJack judging panel. You can rely on there being an industry representative, an academic/teacher, and published writers from at least two contrasting genres.


    1. Hi Glenda,

      Incidentally, your query is posted on the contact page! You are welcome to email notJack at or phone on 0413 336 003. You send your story by either email or post. The postal address is listed on the entry form. The entry form is accessed by clicking on the text ‘notJack Writers’ Prize Entry Form’ which is also to be found on the ‘Entry Form & Contact’ page. If you’re not an IT type and prefer to deal with pen, paper and a person, then do phone.


    1. Morning Waide!

      Entries that are posted receive acknowledgement of receipt, should a stamped self-addressed envelope be provided. Online entries are acknowledged electronically. That said: notJack is a one bird band for most of its operations and has to stagger different tasks for different times. If you are yet to receive acknowledgement, rest assured that it has arrived and you’ll be hearing from notJack.


    1. Hi Trish,

      Unfortunately not. Partly for keeping entries within comparable guidelines, and partly for the purposes of reading/judging, the word count has a definite upper limit.

      However – the word count does not include bibliographical references that are listed at the end of an entry, or any bibliographical footnotes. Footnotes themselves are not typically included in the word count, providing the overall length of the footnotes combined is kept within 10% of the 3000 word limit. The rule and practice with footnotes is to keep them ‘within reason’.

      Should that not sufficiently clarify matters, please do contact notJack again at


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