notJack is roosting for 2017, to build connections with an exciting ideas-based community initiative called Boyce&Tart, and a Story Telling event series. The three initiatives will evolve over the coming months through shared affinities and a mutual love of words, stories and fostering readership. notJack is excited for what may be offered in future to the writing community through this collective venture. Until then…!

10 replies on “Prize Details

    1. Erina,

      Thanks for your comment. Extracts of novels are definitely accepted, providing it meets the eligibility criteria (unpublished, shapes the significance of place for Australian writers and/or their readership…). You can find the criteria on the ‘Prize Details’ and ‘Guidelines’ pages of the website.

      notJack hopes to see your entry cross its desk!


    1. Deborah,

      You are correct that you do not need to be actually in a place to be eligible to enter notJack. One may write about or from place, and ‘from’ may be actually in situ as well as a response to, or taking influence from, place.

      Place does need to be integral to your entry – it needs to respond to place and/or shape the significance of place for Australian writers and/or their readership. The theme is deliberately broad to encourage writers to engage with it as creatively and idiosyncratically as they please, but I hope that provides the clarification you sought.

      notJack hopes to see you represented in the entries.


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