The notJack Writers’ Prize supports Australian writers in their creative engagement with place. Bush, country, coast, the countryside, land, property, suburbia – all these and more figure prominently in Australian writing, in shaping the significance of place for individual writers and in turn, forming iconic literary landscapes that sustain the cultural and national identities of readers. 

Open & Baringhup Categories open August 8th 2016 – November 1st 2016

Youth Category opens November 1st 2016 – March 17th 2016

** notJack offers plans and prizes anew for the 2016 Open and Baringhup Categories. This year will see the introduction of a visual collaboration prize, a $5000 cash prize and an anthology. Start scribbling! Entries are due by November 1st 2016. **  

The prize welcomes submissions from all genres – including prose, essay, flash fiction, short story, poetry, biography, memoir, plays, screenplay – in which place, and writing from place, figure prominently. Submissions are not limited by the specific examples provided here.

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