notJack hearts the following wonder folk:

Prize Advisory Panel

Paul Kane     Helen Garner     Ailsa Piper     Robyn Davidson     Rod Moss     Christopher Cordner

Penny Hueston     Barry Hill     Drusilla Modjeska     Henry Rosenbloom

Martin Flanagan     Alex Miller     Maria Tumarkin     Nick Drake     James Walton

Ramona  Koval     Robert Adamson     Don Watson     Tony Birch     Anna Funder

Raimond Gaita     Michael Heyward     Robert Connolly     Chris Feik

Hannie Rayson     Richard Roxburgh    Kate Grenville     Richard Flanagan

2016 Judges

Angus Tonkin     Brown&Bunting Booksellers     Eli Glasman

2015 Readers &  Judges

Ross Vanner     Chong Weng Ho     Angus Tonkin

Melanie Ostell     Tamar Primoratz     Yana Canteloupe

Masterclass Teachers

Alice Pung     Tony Birch     Arnold Zable     Anne Manne

James Walton     Raimond Gaita

Promotional Material

Chong Weng Ho     Abby Davis     Chloe Mackenzie     Fallon Mody


Text Publishing     Bendigo Writers Festival     Coal Creek Literary Festival

Poster Foot Soldiers (you know who you are!) and…

Jack the Cockatoo

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