How do we imagine our cities and our lives? How do we remember them? How are we shaped by the cities where we live? How do we shape the places where we live?

Playing on the double meaning of inner, editor Drusilla Modjeska draws together essays and stories, poems and remembrances, anecdotes and fragments by city-dwelling women. With five framing ‘connections’ by urban geographer Sophie Watson, Inner Cities offers a rich tapestry of women’s urban experience.

A schoolgirl catches the 389 and watches the old women on the bus; young mothers in the 1950s and 60s live in the spaces betweeen politics and children; the lives of others are framed by suburban nature strips and inner city footpaths, or the corner house, the corner shop, the kitchen of an Italian restaurant. There are dreams inspired by ships on the harbour or a glimpse of country life. And there are the cultural distances travelled betweeen city and country, Australia and the world.

Words by Drusilla Modjeska     Image by Drusilla Modjeska

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