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Artists & Place

Here are a selection of Australian artists whose work thematises place, to reflect the introduction of the visual collaboration prize, for the 2016 Baringhup Category. These artists provide their viewers with expressions of love of place and identity, along with troubling or vexatious expressions of degradation, alienation, dispossession, colonialism, suffering and disaster. Sometimes the artwork … Continue reading Artists & Place


notJack hearts the following wonder folk: Prize Advisory Panel Paul Kane     Helen Garner     Ailsa Piper     Robyn Davidson     Rod Moss     Christopher Cordner Penny Hueston     Barry Hill     Drusilla Modjeska     Henry Rosenbloom Martin Flanagan     Alex Miller     Maria Tumarkin … Continue reading Credits

About notJack

notJack was established to support and protect iconic Australian literary landscapes, by fostering creative engagement with place and promoting the significance of place for Australian writers, their work and readership. notJack currently supports the protection of the Moolort Plains, from and in which the Victorian Premier’s Literary Award Winner Romulus, My Father was written. The … Continue reading About notJack

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